Bring the Café to your Atlanta area office!

JavaTap Coffee provides your business with coffee machines, supplies, and maintenance. Coffee in your office, without the hassle. We serve Atlanta, Georgia area offices!


From whole beans to fresh coffee, cappuccino, latte, and more with the push of a single button. We stock the supplies and service the machines. You get great self-serve coffee anytime.

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Great coffee is more than just black coffee.  We also offer dozens of lattes, cappuccinos and chocolates like any café would – for right in your office.

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Our full-service office coffee solution means you’ll never have to make, clean or maintain any part of your office coffee.

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Complement your café style coffee service with all the condiments and supplies you need for your kitchen.

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Water Too!

Bottleless filtered water and ice machines keep you team refreshed and help the environment.

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You never have to worry about making coffee, cleaning equipment or ordering supplies. We will stop by your location on a regular basis to fill, clean and maintain your coffee and supplies at no additional charge – and we’re still less expensive than another single cup service.


Our coffee machines use all natural ingredients and have a near-zero environmental impact.  The only thing we throw away is ground coffee, which we happily offer to our customers to use in their gardens.  Stop throwing plastic cups and pouches into the landfills.  You can have incredible café style coffee and protect the environment at the same time.


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Medical device company saves thousands by upgrading to more practical bean-to-cup café style coffee in their office.

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Private school makes big but affordable difference with faculty, students and parents.

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Community Church finally finds great coffee solution that saves money and boosts productivity.


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A portion of our proceeds are donated to the Fisher House and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

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