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chillersWe know that coffee isn’t the only thing you need in your workplace kitchen.  That is why our services extend beyond coffee in order to simplify your supply sources and give you a single point of contact for all your workplace kitchen needs.

While filtered water has become common in the workplace, plastic bottles don’t have to be.  Our bottleless filtered water systems make for an endless supply of clean, refreshing water without the hassle of ordering or swapping bottles. Never again will a busy project weekend drain your water bottle, leaving you waiting for a delivery.

And not all water filters are created equal. Even the most expensive filters can make water taste bad if they are not filtering the correct elements based on your local water makeup. We provide state of the art water services with multi-stage filters compatible with your specific geography. (Floor models, Counter models, Hot / Cold / Ambient)

Let us consolidate your supplier list by providing all of your paper products at competitive prices. (Towels, Napkins, Plates, Bowls, Plasticware, Cups, Tissues, etc.)

More than Just Coffee

Customizing Coffee for the Perfect Cup

Everyone has their own way of customizing their coffee for that perfect cup. At JavaTap Coffee, we understand that without that right condiment, a great coffee can become mediocre.  We offer all the condiments that your office may need and we’ll keep them stocked for you so no one in your office will have to keep up with ordering or catching service techs.

These are some of the brands that we carry regularly, and many others to meet your particular workplace needs.

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